Achieving a Big Goal is Hard.

There is no roadmap for ambitious people pursuing aggressive goals. Each day overflows with emails, meetings, phone calls, action items and new ideas clamoring for attention. Everything seems critical but what really matters?

BRUTAL FOCUS® is the key.

Scientific research has proven that the most successful people use focused effort based on a well-designed vision, goal and a strategic plan. THAXA exists to help you do the same, offering personalized consulting and coaching to maximize focus where you need it most.

“In the midst of the frenetic energy inherent to any growing start-up, my session with THAXA helped me step back, free up some RAM, and see my goals in a broader context. After a couple hours of structured discussion, I felt like we had organized all the stuff in my brain, giving me space to think more creatively. Carla runs a truly efficient process; she managed to turn a morning session into a focused vision that continues to guide my business and personal goals. My ROI from our session was incredible.”

Brandon Weber, Founder, CEO, Hightower Inc.