Following your THAXA Plan session, Coach sessions provide an ongoing program of monthly meetings to help you consistently leverage BRUTAL FOCUS to maintain an aggressive trajectory towards your goal. Each 1-hour meeting helps you prioritize the next month’s efforts based on your focused plan to maximize your impact and momentum over time.

“Carla has a remarkable ability to blend a warm, collaborative style with cutting-edge performance science research and exceptional organization. I walked into the THAXA session with passion, commitment, and a big idea; I walked out with tightly focused priorities that have guided my actions each day since. Those four hours catalyzed more progress in a week than in six months prior, and the momentum continues. From the perspective of someone who works every day to help individuals shape their own behavior in order to reach their goals, Carla’s approach is truly impressive and powerful.”

– Andrew Fleming, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, The Seattle Clinic


Contact THAXA at or 206.395.5948 to learn more.