Thaxa Plan

Using THAXA’s innovative 1-3-9 Strategic Framework, the Plan session will help you clarify the factors critical to reaching your goal and identify potential roadblocks to your progress. A catalyst for acceleration, this personalized and confidential half-day session will help you build a focused plan to boost your momentum and impact immediately.

“Spending the afternoon in THAXA’s beautiful office perched above downtown Seattle was a welcome way to think hard about what exactly I wanted to accomplish and how to do it. Though I had thought about my goal for a long time before meeting with Dr. Fowler, she was able to ask critical questions and organize my ideas in a way that would have taken me weeks to do, if I’d even made the time to do it. My session was like pressing the fast forward button on planning my new company.”

– Dave Zucker, Founder, FlySorter LLC


Contact THAXA at or 206.395.5948 to learn more.