Thaxa Vision

Using THAXA’s C-4 Foresight Framework, the Vision session will help you define the essential elements as you assess options for your next high-performance pursuit. Centered around a guided deep dive into your values, this personalized and confidential half-day session will help you focus your efforts to find the next role or project that will maximize your sense of purpose, engagement, and achievement.

“Carla has done an exceptional job of breaking down the alchemy of outstanding performance. She’s distilled very deep research in the science of top performance into questions and exercises intrinsically designed to accelerate – focus on a few, top priorities, mapping out strategic approach and identifying concrete next steps. After the THAXA session, I had a much better ability to step back and understand the big picture, as well as being more effective in each day.”

– Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson, Senior Director, Android


Contact THAXA at or 206.395.5948 to learn more.